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HP2-038 - HP Certified Professional - HP Designjet Foundations

1.)If a DesignJet printer experiences 'edge detect problems' when available, which calibration would be used to fix it?
A. line sensor
B. carriage height
C. roller mark position
D. pen to paper spacing

2.)Which three of the following steps are required to remove a carriage assembly? Select THREE.
A. disconnect the trailing cable from the connector on the carriage
B. remove the encoder strip
C. slide the carriage to the left, and remove it with the belt from the printer
D. press the carriage motor towards the left, and remove the belt from the motor shaft


3.)An advertising graphics firm wants to purchase a Designjet. Which two of the following describe what this type of customer would use an HP Designjet for? Select TWO.
A. line drawings
B. pre-press proofing
C. gallery prints
D. prints from CAD applications

4.)Which statement accurately describes HP Designjet products?
A. HP Designjet products include a range of HP small-format inkjet printers
B. HP Designjet products include a range of HP large-format inkjet printers
C. HP Designjet products include a range of HP small-format laserjet printers
D. HP Designjet products include a range of HP large-format laserjet printers

5.)What is the function of the ink supply station?
A. delivers ink to the tubes, while capping and wipeing the printheads
B. cleans the printheads
C. helps to clean the pick and separation rollers
D. holds the ink cartridges and pumps ink into the printheads

6.)A customer has sent a file to print using the HP print driver. The print out has objects missing.
Which two options will you check first to resolve the issue? Select TWO.

A. reduce the print quality on the driver
B. upgrade the firmware
C. assign more memory to the GDI
D. set the print option to 'process image in computer'

7.)Which two of the following are true of Pantone colors? Select TWO.
A. are not considered to be a standard in the graphics industry
B. are considered to be a standard in the graphics industry
C. are pre-mixed colored inks or “spot” colors
D. can be created by mixing RGB (red, blue, green) inks

8.)What is the main purpose of priming the ink system after installing an off-axis DesignJet printer?
A. to initialize the ink cartridge and print head smart chip (accumen)
B. to confirm that the ink cartridges are at the right pressure
C. to eject any ink which may have been trapped inside the tubes
D. to ensure that all air is ejected from the tubing system and that the ink is correctly pressurized

9.)What is the purpose of HP Designjet printers error log?
A. stores the usage statistics
B. stores recent error codes and events
C. updates the firmware automatically when an error occurs
D. stores faulty ink cartridge data

10.)What are two ways to launch the System Maintenance Utility on an HP Designjet 130 series printer? Select TWO.
A. from the computer's desktop (Windows, Mac OS 9 and X)
B. from the printer’s control panel
C. from the Printer driver (Windows, Mac OS X)
D. from the computer’s system tray

11.)You are working with a Designjet printer model that contains setup printheads. The printer has been newly installed and is ready to be turned on. What should you do next?
A. manually prime the tubes before power on
B. hold down the top button and power on to automatically prime the tubes
C. remove the setup printheads that are installed in the carriage for shipping, install the real printheads and power on
D. keep the setup printheads installed and follow the instructions on the front panel display

12.)When performing the line sensor calibration on an HP DesignJet printer, which media is highly recommended?
A. polyester film
B. tracing paper
C. high gloss photo paper
D. white opaque paper (HP coated)

13.)Which two characteristics describe Postscript printer language? Select TWO.
A. predecessor to HPGL
B. invented by Adobe Systems Incorporated
C. used with files that can contain both text and graphics
D. functions only on the Mac OS platform

14.)How can service pages be sent through email (without scanning) from a HP Designjet 4000?
A. perform a File > Save As..., then import them into Word
B. from the Embedded Web Server: Information > Event log > Advanced. When the service page is displayed, use the “Send as file”
C. right-click on the page, then select “Send to...”
D. select File > Send To > Mail Recipient

9.)What are two ways you can run an HP Instant Support session to quickly diagnose the potential printer issue? Select TWO.
A. call HP Support
B. through the Embedded Web Server, under Information tab, click HP Instant Support
C. it is not possible
D. from http://www.hp.com/go/ispe

10.)On several DesignJet printers there is a “nest spacing” option in the front panel. What is the function of this option?
A. It allows the distance between rows of nested images to be varied.
B. It permits you to adjust the nesting timeout parameter.
C. It allows the distance between columns of nested images to be varied.
D. It allows the distance between rows AND columns of nested images to be varied

11.)Which two of the following HP Designjet printers would be ideal for professional graphic applications? Select TWO.
A. HP Designjet 30 series
B. HP Designjet 500/800 series
C. HP Designjet 4500 series
D. HP Designjet 5500 series

12.)A customer wants to print on both glossy and heavyweight coated paper. Which calibration needs to be performed?
A. calibration for just the glossy paper, because it is the reference paper
B. calibration for just the heavyweight coated paper
C. calibration for both the glossy and the heavyweight coated paper
D. calibration is not necessary for paper media

13.)What two reasons commonly cause the ink to soak into the paper, making the lines blurred and fuzzy? Select TWO.
A. too much humidity in the air
B. paper with no back coating
C. temperature is not suitable
D. air inside the printheads

14.)In several Designjet models the printer queues the user to "wrap any excess paper on to roll” when installing a roll of media. What does this ensure?
A. minimum paper waste
B. that the paper does not get dirty
C. the accuracy in using the media length tracking option
D. correct back tension of media during the load process to avoid paper skew

15.)Which of the following is the main feature of the PDF file format?
A. image file format using compression technology but data loss
B. image file format that indexes the colors in a palette
C. retains formatting for the file being transmitted between computer architectures
D. image file format with its content tagged

16.)Which two conditions require a color calibration to be performed on a Designjet printer? Select TWO.
A. a printhead is replaced
B. a color degradation is perceived on the printouts
C. a print job is queued
D. the printer is switched on

17.)What is the benefit of using Black Point Compensation?
A. more details in dark areas while keeping color accuracy
B. more details in dark areas, but there may be a loss in color accuracy because of the rendering intent used
C. color accuracy improved, but some details are lost in dark areas
D. overall saturation is increased

18.)What are two resources can you refer to for details about connecting a printer to a network? Select TWO.
A. I/O setup menu in the front panel
B. Designjet software set up CD
C. Printing Preferences in the printer’s driver
D. Using Your Printer CD

19.)Which statement, related to the difference in ICC printer profiles between the driver and the RIP, is correct?
A. For a given media and print mode, there is always a unique ICC profile.
B. Color management is done in the printer's firmware, and the same information is used for doing the transformation.
C. The ICC printer profiles in the RIP are optimized for proofing, and the profiles in the driver are optimized for photo.
D. The ICC printer profiles in the RIP are CMYK, and the ones in the driver are RGB.



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