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HP2-964 - HP Certified Professional - Installation & Service of HP ProCurve Devices(tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

1.)You have been sent by the response center to replace a XENPAK 10 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver. Which HP ProCurve product will you most likely be working with?
A. 2626-PWR
B. 4108gl
C. 5348xl
D. 9308m

2.)You are sent to a customer who is having trouble with their HP ProCurve 4100gl series switches. After consulting with the network administrator and ensuring that they have a saved copy of the switch configuration files, you decide to reset the switches to factory default settings. How can you do this without accessing one of the switch's configuration interfaces?
A. Press the "Clear" button on the front panel of the switch for at least 10 seconds.
B. Press the "Reset" button on the front panel of the switch for at least 20 seconds.
C. Press both the "Clear" and "Reset" buttons at the same time, then release the "Reset" button and continue to hold the "Clear" button until the "Left Test" LED begins to flash.
D. This is not possible. The switch can only be reset to defaults through the console port


3.)The HP ProCurve 5300xl series of switches is considered__________, because they have a selection of modules that can be used to customize the physical attributes of the switch.
A. stackable
B. fixed
C. Layer 3
D. modular

4.)The response center asks you to verify if the running configuration and startup configuration of the switch are the same. Which command displays the synchronization status of these files?
A. show config
B. show running-config
C. show startup-config
D. show config status

5.)While working on a customer's HP ProCurve 9308m switch, the response center asks you to show them the output from the command "show tech". What is the best way to get this output from the switch to your laptop?
A. Use the command "copy command-output" and direct the output to a TFTP server running on your laptop.
B. Use the "show tech TFTP" command to direct the output to a TFTP server running on your laptop.
C. Download the "show tech" output with the FTP copy command.
D. Capture the output with your terminal emulator and save the output to your laptop.

6.)You have been sent to troubleshoot some network problems for a customer who has HP ProCurve 5300xl switches installed. The customer-supplied data indicates that only a few ports are at fault. Without accessing the management interface, how might you be able to tell which ports are causing the problems?
A. Watch the "Fault" light to see which ports are active when it flashes.
B. Watch the "Self Test" light to see which ports are active when it flashes.
C. Use the Mode Select button to select the "Fault" mode and see which port LEDs stay lit.
D. Use the Mode Select button to select the "!" mode and watch which ports show the most errors.

7.)You are servicing an HP ProCurve Switch 2824 at a customer site. The customer tells you that some of the servers can only operate at full-duplex. Without accessing the switch management interface, you can determine which ports are operating at full-duplex by using the Mode Select button and selecting ________.
A. "ACT" mode
B. "Fdx" mode
C. "10/100/100"
D. "!"

8.)When troubleshooting a network with multiple ProCurve switches, it is helpful to have the same time on the switches. This will assist in determining if events are happening on multiple network devices simultaneously. What is the best way to configure the date and time on HP ProCurve switches that will still keep time current even if the switch rebooted?
A. Set the time through the web interface on the switch.
B. Set the time on the switch from the CLI with the time command.
C. Configure the switch to get the time from an SNTP server.
D. Telnet to the switch and set the time through the web interface.

9.)You are on-site with a customer troubleshooting some connectivity issues on an HP ProCurve 5308xl switch. You call the response center and they ask you to find out what neighboring devices can be seen using a "show" command. Which command will provide this information?
A. show rip neighbors
B. show cdp neighbors
C. show ospf neighbors
D. show dvmrp neighbors

10.)You are installing a 5372xl switch in a data center at a new customer location. Because the site is still under construction and the door to the data center may not always be locked, the network administrator is worried that someone may be able to gain physical access to the switch. How can you limit this security risk?
A. Enable the "fastboot" command on the switch to disable access to the boot monitor utility.
B. Use the "disable console" command to disable access to the management interface through the console port.
C. Use the "no boot-monitor" command to disable access to the boot monitor utility.
D. Modify the front panel security options to change how the "clear" and "reset" buttons operate.



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