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HP2-964 - HP Certified Professional - Installation & Service of HP ProCurve Devices(tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

31.)You are installing a new HP ProCurve Switch 5348xl at a customer site. The switch has been mounted in the rack and you have just powered it on but no network connections have been made. When the switch is successfully initialized, which LEDs should be lit? Select THREE.
A. The Fault Light
B. The Power Light
C. All of the port LEDs
D. The Fan Status LED
E. All of the chassis LEDs
F. One LED for each of the installed modules
G. The POE LED on all Power over Ethernet ports

32.)You have been dispatched to a customer site by the response center. When you arrive you need to connect your laptop to the console port on the customer's HP ProCurve 5308xl to access the CLI. Which applications could you use to do this? Select TWO.
A. TFTPd32
B. Sam Spade network utility
C. HyperTerminal
D. Solarwind Subnet Calculator
E. TeraTerm Pro


33.)You have been sent by the response center to a customer site to replace a 24 port 10/100TX module, part # J4862A, in an HP 4108gl switch with a newer version of the same module, part # J4862B. What must you do when installing the new module to make it active?
A. Download a new configuration file from a TFTP server that references the new module.
B. Simply swap the new module for the old one while the switch is powered up. Hot swapping is permitted for modules of the same type.
C. Swap the new module for the old one then reboot the switch to initialize the new module.
D. Use the CLI to disable the slot where the old module is installed, swap the new module for the old module and use the CLI again to re-enable the slot.

34.)You are servicing a 9308m routing switch that is in the customer's network core. To configure the switch through its web interface, the routing switch must be configured using which information? Select TWO.
A. the host name of the station from which you wish to access the switch
B. an SNMP community name that allows read/write access
C. at least one VLAN other than the default
D. an SNMP trap receiver
E. an IP address on at least one of its interfaces

35.)You are configuring the IP address and default gateway for an HP ProCurve Switch 2650 from the CLI. Once you have finished entering the configuration you issue the "write memory" command. By executing this command you have just copied the contents of the __________.
A. startup configuration to the running configuration
B. startup configuration to a TFTP server
C. running configuration to Non Volatile RAM
D. running configuration to a TFTP server

36.)You have been sent to a customer location to install a new module into the customer's existing HP ProCurve Switch 5372xl. For the new module to work correctly you need to update the switch firmware to the latest revision. You know that updating the firmware requires that you have Manager level privileges.
Which command will move you from Operator level to Manager level allowing you to perform the upgrade?

A. set
B. enable
C. manage
D. configure terminal

37.)You have just installed an HP ProCurve 4108gl in a wiring closet at a customer location. Once the switch is connected to the network and configured with an IP address, which CLI command can you use to test connectivity with the network core and any connected stations?
A. find <ip address>
B. ping <ip address>
C. nslookup <dns_name>
D. send trap <ip address>

38.)You have been sent by the response center to assist a customer in troubleshooting his HP ProCurve Routing Switch 9304m. They ask you to configure the switch to send messages of all severity levels to a Syslog server. Which command will do this?
A. enable logging
B. debug all
C. logging on
D. syslog on

39.)A customer is having issues with an HP ProCurve 4000m switch and you are dispatched to the site to service the unit. To assist in diagnosing the problems, you need to connect to the switch. What are the supported methods for doing this? Select THREE.
A. Use a console cable to establish a telnet session with the switch.
B. Establish a telnet connection to the switch to access the switch's menu interface.
C. Establish a telnet connection to access the switch's web interface.
D. Connect to the switch through the console port for access to the web interface.
E. Connect to the switch through its console port and a console cable to access the switch's menu interface.
F. Establish an HTTP connection to access the switch's web interface.
G. Establish an HTTP connection to access the switch's menu interface.

40.)How should an IP address be configured on a newly installed HP ProCurve 9304m routing switch?
A. Use a console cable to connect to the switch and assign an IP address through the CLI interface.
B. Allow the switch to get an IP address from a DHCP server.
C. Establish an HTTP session to the switch and use the web interface to assign the IP address.
D. Telnet to the switch and assign an IP address with the CLI.



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