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HP2-964 - HP Certified Professional - Installation & Service of HP ProCurve Devices(tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

11.)A customer is relocating a ProCurve 5304xl switch into a remote wiring closet from the data center. You have been sent to swap a 24-port 10/100 Base-T module and replace it with a 4-port mini-GBIC module and two Gigabit LX mini-GBIC's. Once you physically insert the new module, which step is necessary to make it active?
A. Disable the old module before removing it and enable the new module once it is installed.
B. Download a new configuration file that includes reference to the new module.
C. Power up the switch allowing it to recognize the new module and place it into its configuration.
D. Save the start-up configuration to a TFTP server on the network.

12.)You have been dispatched by the response center to replace one of the redundant power supplies in an HP ProCurve 9315m switch. In order to avoid disrupting network operations, how many of the 9315m's power supplies must remain active?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4


13.)You have been sent by the response center to install a new HP ProCurve 2824 at a customer site. After you install the switch in the rack and power it on, you connect to the CLI through the console port and assign it an IP address of
The commands that you use to assign this IP address will dynamically update the ________.

A. firmware image
B. non-volatile RAM
C. startup configuration
D. running configuration

14.)You have been sent to a customer site where one of their HP ProCurve 9304m switches is no longer accessible over the network. Which type of cable is required to access the console port of an HP ProCurve Routing Switch 9304m?
A. an RS-422 null modem serial cable with a female DB-9 end
B. an RS-232 straight-thru serial cable with a female DB-9 end
C. a Category 5 straight-thru ethernet cable with adapters
D. a Category 5 crossover ethernet cable

15.)Which level of management privilege would you need to modify the configuration of an HP ProCurve 9315m routing switch?
A. user EXEC
B. privileged EXEC
C. operator
D. manager
E. administrator

16.)You have been sent to assist a customer in installing an HP ProCurve 4108gl in his network. During your discussion, the network administrator tells you that he wants some of his staff members to have read-only access to the switch.
Which privilege level should those staff members be assigned?

A. Manager
B. Operator
C. user EXEC
D. privileged EXEC

17.)You have been dispatched to a customer site where one of the redundant power supplies on a 5308xl switch has gone bad. Upon arriving at the site, how can you determine which power supply needs to be replaced? Select TWO.
A. Observe the switch's LED patterns to determine the faulty supply
B. Issue the "show power" command at the CLI
C. Issue the "show log" command at the CLI
D. Issue the "show power-supply" command at the CLI
E. Check the "Status" tab on the web interface
F. Check the "Diagnostics" tab on the web interface

18.)You have been dispatched to a customer who is having trouble with the HP ProCurve 5308xl switch they use as their network core. When you arrive the customer tells you that due to turnover in the network administration staff, they have lost the password to the switch.
What should be done to reset the password and gain administrative access to the switch's configuration interface?

A. Connect to the console port; disconnect and reconnect the power to the switch and type "b" during initialization to access the boot monitor where you can enter the "no password" command.
B. Use a non-conductive instrument to press the "Reset" button on the front panel of the switch.
C. Use a non-conductive instrument to press the "Clear" button on the front panel of the switch.
D. Access the switch CLI interface through telnet or the console port and type "no password" from the first prompt you see.

19.)You have been dispatched to a customer site that uses mini-GBICs for providing gigabit Ethernet connectivity between fixed configuration access layer switches and the network core. Which HP ProCurve products is the customer most likely using as their access layer switch? Select TWO.
A. 2524
B. 2650
C. 2824
D. 4148
E. 4000m

20.)You arrive at a customer site that has a combination of HP ProCurve 5300xl, 4100gl and 2500 series switches to gather troubleshooting information. Which information is available on the first screen you see when you log onto the switch through the web interface?
A. port utilization statistics and a log showing the most recent events on the switch
B. system name, contact information and firmware version
C. a listing of all VLANs configured on the switch
D. a screen allowing you to set manager and operator passwords for the switch



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