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HP2-964 - HP Certified Professional - Installation & Service of HP ProCurve Devices(tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

41.)You have been called to a customer site that is having problems with their HP ProCurve 4148gl switch. The response center asks you to determine which version of firmware the switch is currently operating.
Which methods can be used in determining which operating system the switch is running? Select TWO.

A. access the System Identity tab on the web interface
B. read the switch's front LED panel
C. enter the "show version" command at the CLI
D. access the Diagnostics tab on the web interface
E. enter the "show software" command at the CLI

42.)You have been sent by the response center to upgrade the firmware image of a customer's 5304xl switches to correct a problem they are having with speed and duplex negotiation on several ports.
How can you test the new firmware while ensuring that you still have a valid image to boot the switch in case there is a problem?

A. Copy the new firmware to secondary flash and boot the switch from there while keeping the old firmware in primary flash.
B. Boot the switch from a TFTP server running on your laptop which contains the new firmware image.
C. Copy the new firmware to the startup configuration file and boot the switch from there while keeping the old firmware in primary flash.
D. Boot the switch from an FTP server running on you laptop which contains the new firmware image.


43.)A customer has requested the replacement of a 24 port 10/100TX module that has become physically damaged in his HP 5308xl switch. You have been sent to perform the replacement with a new module straight off the production line. What must you do when installing the new module to make it active?
A. Simply swap the new module for the old one while the switch is powered up. Hot swapping is permitted for modules of the same type.
B. Power down the switch, swap the new module for the old one and then power the switch back up so that the new module can be recognized by the switch.
C. Swap the new module for the old one, then reboot the switch so that the new module can be downloaded into switch memory.
D. Use the CLI to disable the slot where the old module is installed, swap the new module for the old module and use the CLI again to re-enable the slot.

44.)You are at a customer site troubleshooting network connectivity problems. The network administrator has informed you that his company uses Classless Inter-Domain Routing to separate their network into several broadcast domains. Which tool could you use to find a valid IP address to assign to a newly installed switch?
A. TFTPd32
B. Solarwinds Advanced Subnet Calculator
C. whois utility from the command line
D. TeraTerm Pro

45.)How can an IP address be assigned to an HP ProCurve 4000m switch with factory defaults? Select TWO.
A. Obtain an IP address from a DHCP server.
B. Telnet to the switch and assign an IP address with the CLI.
C. Use the console cable to connect to the switch and assign an IP address through the menu interface.
D. Issue the command 'ip address' from the CLI.
E. Assign an IP address through the CLI.

46.)You are installing a new HP ProCurve Switch 5308xl at a customer site. The switch has been removed from the packaging, populated with the desired modules, installed in the rack, and assigned an IP address. The network administrator now wants passwords assigned to the switch.
Which command sets a password for the account that will allow access to all switch functions?

A. password manager
B. password operator
C. enable super-user-password
D. enable read-only-password

47.)You have just installed a ProCurve 2650 in a remote wiring closet for a customer. You can ping the workstations directly connected to switch as well as the ProCurve 5304xl at the top of the closet. However, you cannot reach the ProCurve 9304m at the core of the network that has an IP address of
Which command could you use to begin troubleshooting where the problem is occurring?

A. telnet
B. nslookup
C. send trap
D. traceroute

48.)You are troubleshooting some connectivity problems that a customer is experiencing between a remote system connected to an HP ProCurve Switch 4104gl and his core network. You ensure that the switch LEDs are in "Act" mode and that the port has not been disabled. Next you connect the system to the switch in the remote wiring closet, but the LED on the port does not come on. What is the most common problem that can cause this behavior?
A. One of the redundant power supplies has failed making some ports on the switch inoperable.
B. The cable connecting the switch to the core is faulty.
C. System has an incorrect IP address which prevents it from establishing a Layer 1 link.
D. The switch needs to be rebooted to recognize the new system that is connected to it.

49.)You have been sent by the response center to assist a customer in troubleshooting some connectivity problems between two HP ProCurve 4108gl switches. Which command can be used to test the connection between the switches using 802.2 test frames?
A. link-test
B. ping
C. traceroute
D. snmp get

50.)The response center has asked you to collect the latest events from an HP ProCurve 4108gl. How can you view the latest events in log? Select TWO.
A. Connect to the web interface on the switch through HTTP and select the "Overview" button on the "Status" tab.
B. Telnet to the switch and select the "Overview" button from the web interface.
C. Use the "show status" command from the CLI.
D. Use the "show log" command from the CLI.
E. Access the switch with an SNMP management application and download the log to a FTP server.



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