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HP2-T13 - HP Certified Professional - Servicing HP Blade System (tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

28.)What is the maximum number of BladeSystem p-Class enclosures supported by a Scalable Bus Bar?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

29.)Without logging in to the Onboard Administrator, what can you use to check the health conditions of a BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure, including status of the fans, power supplies, and server blades?
A. Insight Display
B. Rapid Deployment Pack
C. Inspect Management Display
D. Insight Diagnostic Blade Edition


30.)Which online tool can you use to plan the power requirements for an HP Integrity BL860c Server Blade?
A. HP Part Surfer
B. HP Knowledge Base
C. HP BladeSystem Sizer
D. HP Power Analysis & Planner

31.)Which memory test in Insight Diagnostics 7.5 or later allows users to determine if an error has occurred on a specific DIMM?
A. ROM-based memory
B. System memory-ECC
C. System memory-Walk
D. Serial Presence Detect

32.)You are at a customer site installing a new HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure. Place the installation steps in the correct sequence.

33.)Fans 1 and 4 have failed in an enclosure equipped with 10 fans and 16 half-height server blades. What must you do to ensure that all servers keep running without errors until replacement fans arrive?
A. Replace the fan in bay 4 with the fan in bay 6.
B. Replace the fans in bays 1 and 4 with the fans in bays 3 and 8.
C. Do nothing, everything will run fine with no errors until the fans are replaced.
D. Remove the defective fans and replace them with blanks to ensure clean airflow.

34.)You observe the following LED states on a ProLiant BL460c Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drive:
Online/Activity LED - green, flashing regularly
Fault/UID LED - amber, flashing regularly
What does this combination of LEDs indicate?

A. The drive is currently active; a predictive failure alert has been received.
The drive should be replaced immediately.
B. The drive is currently not active; a predictive failure alert has been received.
The drive should be replaced immediately.
C. The drive is operating normally; the drive has been selected by a management application.
No action is required.
D. A migration or expansion on this drive is in progress; a predictive failure alert has been received.
The drive should be replaced as soon as the migration/expansion is complete.

35.)Which HP online resource can you use to locate spare parts information for HP server blades?
A. HP PartSurfer
B. HP Product Bulletin
C. HP Services Media Library
D. HP Parts Reference Guide

36.)A customer reports that an HP Virtual Connect module does not power on. What is a possible cause of this problem?
A. Dynamic Power Saver is not activated on the Virtual Connect switch.
B. A three-phase power system should be used with Virtual Connect switches.
C. At least one server blade is not equipped with a host channel adapter (HCA) card.
D. The Onboard Administrator version firmware does not support Virtual Connect switches.

37.)What should you do during the second step of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology? (Select two.)
A. Set a performance baseline.
B. Understand the mode of failure.
C. Determine which component might cause the problem.
D. Understand how the system will react in a failure scenario.
E. Gather failure information like stop, abend, and trap messages.

38.)Which task of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology do you accomplish when performing Step 2?
A. Determine which subsystem could cause the problem.
B. Identify a possible solution for each possible root cause.
C. Identify the steps necessary to implement each solution.
D. Determine and use the most appropriate tools for each situation.

39.)When installing ProLiant Essentials, the Central Management Server requires a central database. Which database is valid to use?
B. Sybase
C. Postgres
D. Access 2007


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