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HP2-T13 - HP Certified Professional - Servicing HP Blade System (tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

40.)Your customer has HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) running in their data center. They need an effective method of updating Windows and Linux operating systems from one, central location.
Which HP ProLiant Essentials Value Pack should you recommend to this customer?

A. Workload Management Pack
B. Intelligent Networking Pack (INP)
C. Performance Management Pack (PMP)
D. Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack (VPM)

41.)Which storage configuration tool should you use to change the RAID level for internal server blade hard drives?
A. ORCA utility
B. HP Command View
C. Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
D. Embedded Diagnostic Utility (EDU)



42.)What should you do first during a server blade installation?
A. Create users for iLO 2 cards.
B. Configure all network switches.
C. Verify version of system and option ROMs.
D. Add and configure an additional Onboard Administrator.

43.)After responding to a failed server request, the customer tells you the server became physically very hot then powered off. ASR was enabled, but the operating system did not shut down cleanly?
What could be the reason?

A. HP SIM is misconfigured.
B. The RBSU is in ASR override mode.
C. The HP Server Health driver was not loaded or running.
D. HP SIM is not installed and could not initiate the shut down.

44.)Which statement is true regarding the Onboard Administrator modules running the latest firmware revision?
A. Replication always occurs left to right.
B. The primary OA is always the OA on the left.
C. After a failure, the new OA will get the configuration data from the running OA.
D. After a failure, the running OA needs to be moved to the left slot so that the new OA will not overwrite configuration data.

45.)The graphic shows the current customer infrastructure. How many power supplies need to be added to change redundancy from N+1 to N+N mode?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4

46.)What is the standard warranty on BladeSystem interconnects (parts - labor - onsite)?
A. 1-0-0
B. 1-1-1
C. 3-3-1
D. 3-3-3

47.)When is the customer obligated to pay additional charges for Customer Self Repair (CSR)?
A. The customer must pay travel charges only if they request HP to replace mandatory CSR parts.
B. The customer must pay travel and labor charges if they use HP to replace mandatory CSR parts.
C. The customer must pay labor charges only for replacement of mandatory CSR parts by HP personnel.
D. The customer is never obligated to pay additional charges for the replacement of mandatory CSR parts by HP personnel.

48.)How many service levels of HP Care Packs are provided across geographies and technologies?
A. 10
B. 15
C. 20
D. 25

49.)Which combination HP Care Pack service includes onsite consultation?

A. Proactive 24
B. Critical Service
C. HP Support Plus
D. HP Support Plus 24

50.)Which ProLiant BL p-Class server blade supports more than two CPU sockets?
A. BL25p
B. BL30p
C. BL45p
D. BL60p

51.)During which portion of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology do you carefully observe and record the results of each step including any error messages or changes in functionality?
A. Step 1 - Collect data
B. Step 3 - Develop the action plan
C. Step 4 - Execute the action plan
D. Step 6 - Implement preventive measures



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