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APS: HP Color LaserJet Printers LjCOLOR01

1.)The Duplex Registration of the HP Color Laserjet 8550 can be accessed from the:
A. Printer driver
B. Web JetAdmin SW
C. Control panel
D. Printer installer

2.)An HP Color Laserjet 4500's Control Panel is very dark and faintly displays a 49 ERROR XXXX message. How would you fix this problem?
A. Power the printer OFF and re-seat the printer's Formatter PCA. If the error persists, replace the
printer's Formatter PCA.
B. Power the printer OFF and replace the printer's DC Contraller PCA.
C. Cycle the power on the printer and listen to the cooling fans then replace the Control panel.
D. Power the printer OFF and re-seat the ribbon cable between the DC Contraller PCA and the Inter-connector PCA.


3.)Which HP Color Laserjet model does not have an EIO JetDirect card installed as part of the bundle?
A. 8550MFP
B. 8550N
C. 8550 Base
D. 8550GN

4.)You upgrade the Firmware Revision on a HP Color Laserjet 4500 printer by:
A. Changing the printer's Formatter PCA.
B. Connecting the printer to a computer and running a flash memory upgrade utility.
C. Replacing the DIMM (DualInline Memory Module) ln the indicated ROM slot on the Formatter PCA
D. Removing the Formatter PCA and replacing the SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module) in slot 1.

5.)If the PC is directly connected to the printer and is using the latest driver, which driver tab of the HP
Color Laserjet 8550 shows the amount of toner?

A. Destination
B. Details
C. Status
D. Paper

6.)Which of the following HP Color Laserjet 8550 has 128 MB RAM?
A. 8550 GN only
B. 8550 DN and 8550 GN
C. 8550 MFP only
D. 8550 MFP and 8550 DN

7.)The HP Color Laserjet 8500 Transfer Charger (also known as the Static ElIminator) is activated during the Electro-photographic process during:
A. Development of color images
B. Development of black and white images
C. Conditions of high humidity and overhead transparency printing.
D. Conditions of low humidity, duplex printing, and overhead transparency printing

8.)To view the image being developed on the Transfer Drum of an HP Laserjet 8500DN, you would need to disable the right hand side Door Detection Interlock, the Laser Shutter (in the ITD cavity) and:
A. Remove the duplexer
B. Disconnect the formatter
C. Print a calibration page from Service Mode
D. Cover the Density sensar before printing a configuration page.




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