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70-210 MCP Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

50.) What types of files are used with Windows Installer packages when you don't have
vendor-supplied Microsoft Installer files and will install applications using their native
setup program?

A. ZAW files
B. ZIP files
-C. ZAP files
D. MSI file

51.) You're running Windows 2000 professional. You set up a color laserjet printer on
computer1, you name it printer 1. You have the same color laserjet on computer2, you name
this one printer 2. The laserjet on computer1 fails. You want to send the three print jobs
to the printer on computer2 that are in the computer1 queue. You do not want to have users
to re-send these jobs to the printer. How can you accomplish this?

-A. Select a second printer port on the printer in computer1 redirect the port to
B. Select redirect from printer properties
C. Stop and restart the service


52.) How can you quickly find out the full path descriptions to all of your shares?
A. Windows explorer
B. Use storage in the computer management tool
C. Event Viewer in the computer management tool
-D. System tools in the computer management tool

53.) Windows NT 4.0 is currently on the system you are using, and you want to install
Windows 2000 Professional. Windows NT 4.0 is currently on an NFTS partition. For some reason
you have decided that you are not going to upgrade, but rather, you are going to run this in
a dual boot fashion. What do you need to do?

A. Can't be done.
B. You need to put Windows 2000 on a separate partition from Windows NT 4.0
-C. You need to upgrade Windows NT 4.0 to SP4.

54.) You have a system with two monitors, both set for 16-bit color and 1024 X 768
resolution. You decide to set up a DOS application in a DOS Virtual Machine Window. Default
DOS configuration is in effect (Default autoexec.nt and config.nt) and the default DOS .PIF
file is present. You place the shortcut on the first monitor screen. When you open it the
screen goes to scrambled. You move the shortcut to monitor #2 and launching the app locks.
What do you need to do?

-A. Change both monitors to 256 colors. Configure the application to run full screen
B. Change both monitors to run and optima settings. Configure the application to run full
C. Update the drivers for Video card #1 Change #2 to 640 X 480
D. Do something else

55.) You are trying to install a plug-and-play printer. During the completion of the
install, the following error pops up Plug-n-play printer error 00000007E-293 WINPRINT.DLL
modules not found. What can you do?

-A. Install a WDM compliant driver

56.) Bob is going on a trip with his laptop configured with Windows 2000 professional. He is
concerned that he will run out of battery life and his system will crash. He asks you to
configure the power savings feature so that when he is not using his laptop, it will save
his work and power down. You go into APM options. What should you do next?

-A. Set the system to hibernation mode to 15 minutes
B. Set the system to snooze mode after 15 minutes.

57.) You are upgrading two windows NT4 computers to Windows 2000. Computer 1 completes the
upgrade with no problems. During the upgrade of computer 2, you experience a power loss and
cannot boot into NT4. You want to use Computer 1 to help Computer 2 recover. How can this be

A. Do an across the network install
-B. Run MAKEBT32.EXE to make diskettes to start your machine.
C. Copy the boot files from computer 1 to a floppy, boot to the floppy and continue the
setup of computer2.

58.) You have ten computers in your organization that are not connected to the Internet. The
company breaks down and purchases a 56K modem to connect to the Internet. You implement
Internet connectivity sharing. Now you can't see any of the other computers on your network.
What do you do?

A. Disable Internet Connection Sharing.
B. Use IPCONFIG to release and to renew

59.) You are using Windows 2000 professional at home with a smart card installed, You want
to connect to you RAS server to pick up e-mail. What protocol will you need?

C. IPSec



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