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70-210 MCP Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

60.) You are deploying an application using windows 2000 (Windows 2000 Service pack). When Users try to install it the installation fails. What do you need to do in order correct the situation?
A. Re-deploy the .msi file
-B. Re-deploy the .mst file
C. Re-deploy using the .zap file

61.) You are an administrator that has just received in 100 PC's with Windows 98 on them. They also have Dual 500Mhz processors on them. You decide that you want to upgrade them all up to Windows 2000 Professional. After running set up on a machine you realize that only one of the processors is being seen by the OS what do you do next?
A. Run sysprep.exe update the machines after deployment
B. Run sysprep.exe with -pnp option
-C. On the test machine update use device manager to update the system to recognize the second processor. Then run sysprep.exe.


62.) TCP/IP diagram question: 4 PC's on one side of the router. 3 configured with TCP/IP and NWLink 802.2 and fourth PC with NWLink 802.2. Their gateway configuration is wrong the other side is all TCP/IP configured correctly to the router. What are the two best things to get them all talking together?
-A. The DHCP server was handing out bad gateway addresses
B. Configure the Nwlink PC to use DHCP
C. Configure the Nwlink PC to use 802.2
D. Configure everyone to use NETBEUI

63.) Sandy has a Windows 2000 Professional system. Today she is visiting another department, and is using a Windows NT 4.0 system. She wants to print a document but is missing her printer. You want her to be able to print from any computer she logs in at. What can you do to insure that she has this ability?
A. Create a roaming profile

64.) You want to remove the logoff option from your screen. What TWO places can you do this from?
-A. Local Policy
-B. Group policy

65.) You are the administrators of your company's network. Your network has 75 windows 2000 professional computers and eight Windows 2000 Server computers. Users on the network drive save their work files in home folders on a network server. The NTFS partition that contains the home folders has Encrypting File System(EFS) enabled. The partition also has disk quotas defined. A user named candy reports that she cannot save any files to her home folder. She also cannot update files in her home folder. When she attempts to save files to the folder she receives the following error message insufficient disk space. Other users are not experiencing this problem with their home folders. You want to enable candy to save files in her home folder. What should you do?
A. Log on to the network as a Recovery Agent. Decrypt all of candy's files in her home folder.
B. Log on to the network by using the domain Administrator account. Grant Candy Full control permission to her home folder.
C. Use Windows Backup to archive and remove old files on the server.
-D. Increase the server a disk quota entry for candy to accommodate
the additional files

66.) You are the administrator of your computer's network. Your company is based in Russia and conducts the majority of its business in Russian. Users in your company create, view, and edit documents in English(US), French and Spanish to communicate with vendors internationally users run the Russian localized edition of windows 2000 professional on their desktop and portable computer. A user named Katrin wants to create a word processing document in both English and Spanish by using Notepad in windows 2000 professional. She requests your assistance in enabling English and Spanish on her computer. What should you do?
A Instruct Katrin to select the desired input locale for either English or Spanish within Notepad.
B Instruct Katrin to select the input locale indicator on the taskbar and select either English or Spanish
-C Instruct Katrin to use Regional Options in Control Panel to add input locales and keyboard layouts/IME for both English and Spanish.
D Create a local computer policy for Katrin's computer to include
both English and Spanish.

67.) You install Windows 2000 professional on your computer at home. You create a new dial-up connection to connect to your company's remote access server. You configure the connection to use both of your external modems and to use multilink to bind the modems together. You start the dial-up connection and connect to the remote access server. You notice that only one of the modems is connected to the remote access server. What should you do?
A Configure the dial-up connection to use a SLIP connection
-B Configure the company's remote access server to accept multilink
C Replace your modems with new modems that support multilink
D Grant your user account multilink permission on the company's remote access.

68. You are using a dialup connection. You want to insure that your password is encrypted. What protocols from the list below would you disable?
E. For MS based CHAP Protocols

69. You are upgrading 50 Win98 computers to Win2kPro. They all have the exact same hardware and are PXE compliant. The first 10 computers install correctly. How do you install Win2kPro to the rest?
-A. Change BIOS settings
-B. Add more IP addresses in the DHCP server
C. Make startup disks using RBFG.EXE

70. You install a new CD-ROM. It is not working correctly. You check resources and see that it is not using "Automatic" resource settings. How do you get your CDROM to work?
-A. Check "Use Automatic Settings"

71. What is the minimum processor required for an Intel-based computer to install and run Windows 2000 Professional?
A. 80486
-B. A Pentium with a 133MHz or better processor
C. A Pentium II with a 166MHz or better processor
D. A Pentium III with a 333MHz or better processor

72. What is the minimum memory required to install and run Windows 2000 Professional?
-A. 64MB
B. 16MB
C. 32MB
D. 128MB

73. What is the minimum free disk space required to install Windows 2000 Professional?
A. 500MB
-B. 650MB
C. 1GB
D. 1.2GB

74. What is the name of the list that shows the computers and peripheral hardware that have been extensively tested with the Windows 2000 Professional operating system?
A. The Windows Compatibility List
B. The W2K Compatibility List
C. The Microsoft Compatibility List
-D. The Hardware Compatibility List

75. The boot partition contains the files that are the Windows 2000 Professional operating system. By default, where is this folder located?

76. What three file systems does Windows 2000 Professional support?
-A. File Allocation Table (FAT16)
-C. FAT32

77. When you install your Windows 2000 Professional computer, what two options do you have for computer membership?
-A. Workgroup
B. Active Directory
-C. Domain

78. Which of the following is not a major step in the Windows 2000 Professional installation process?
-A. Running the Configuration Setup Wizard
B. Running the Setup program
C. Running the Setup Wizard
D. Installing Windows 2000 Networking

79. You should run WINNT32 if you are installing Windows 2000 Professional from which operating system? Choose all that apply.
-B. Windows 95
-C. Windows 98
-D. Windows NT




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