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HP2-037 - HP Certified Professional - HP LaserJet Foundations (tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

1.)A printer has been jamming consistently for the customer. While you are on site you are unable to duplicate the problem. What is the best way to determine the cause of the jam?
A. print a configuration page
B. print a supplies status page
C. print an event log
D. print an exceptions sheet

2.)A customer has purchased a new LaserJet 8150 printer, which comes standard wtih two EIO slots and one FIR port. They want to use it on two networks having separate classes of IP Address and Subnet. How can the printer be used on both networks?
A. a network sharer would be needed
B. a router would be required to make the two networks communicate
C. two network cards would need to be used on the printer
D. the printer will not be able to be used on both networks


3.)A customer has a Color LaserJet 3700 printer and is getting a 13.20 paper jam message. You are unable to locate any physical paper jam. You suspect a sensor failure. What would you do next?
A. perform a sensor test to manually check the functionality of every sensor
B. replace the fuser assembly
C. replace the paper pick-up assembly
D. clean and align all the sensors in the printer

4.)A customer needs to perform a printer firmware check and upgrade for the 20 printers in his network. He would like to do this simultaneously. How can this be done?
A. use Download Manager to upgrade the firmware
B. check the configuration page one by one, check for an upgrade on WEA, and then upgrade
C. use Web Jet Admin to check and perform the upgrade
D. use Resource Manager to perform the upgrade

5.)The HP born-on date (Service ID) appears as a five digit number in the format YYDDD, where YY represents the year of manufacture and DDD the month and day. Using the standard formula, what is the born-on date represented by 11280?
A. October 10,2001
B. December 30, 1991
C. December 30, 1996
D. January 28, 2001

6.)Which printer component can hold an electrical charge until exposed to light?
A. charging roller
B. print drum (OPC)
C. corona
D. laser

7.)Which of the following is included on a Configuration Page? Select THREE.
A. device serial number
B. supported language list
C. installed output accessories
D. consumable levels
E. firmware version

8.)Raster Image Processing is performed by which electronic component in the electrographic printer?
B. Formatter PCA
D. Engine Controller

9.)What color gamut is used in the color printing process?
D. Intensity

10.)Which statement describes a function of the Beam Detect mirror?
A. reflect the laser beam to the drum
B. senses the functionality of the laser diode
C. checks the intensity of the laser beam
D. scans the beam from left to right

11.)The engine test button is a part of which electronic component in the electrographic printer?
A. Formatter PCA
D. DC Controller

12.)You have completed a repair on a LaserJet printer. After testing and verifying the solution you have determined the cause of the issue is a result of the customer’s implementation of the printer. What will your next step be?
A. Politely recommend changes in the printers use or maintenance to the customer that may prevent future failures.
B. Advise the customer the service call will be billable.
C. Provide the customer with informational white papers explaining the issues.
D. Advise your sales department to contact the customer to resolve this situation.

13.)Which of the following are connectors associated with HP printers? Select TWO.
A. Foreign Interface Harness (FIH)
B. Jetlink

14.)What is the purpose of a CCD in a multifunction printing device?
A. pivots to keep the light beams on media feeding through the device
B. moves the scan head beneath the glass during scanning
C. reads light intensity and converts the readings into electrical current
D. converts electrical current into a digital likeness of the image on the drum

15.)A customer has a Color LaserJet 1500 printer with no tool box installed on the PC. The printer has stopped working and the 'Go', 'Ready' and 'Attention' lights are on steady. What would you do to identify the cause?
A. Have the customer install the Toolbox to check the error.
B. Have the customer reinstall the drivers and check their status.
C. Inform the customer that they will not be able to check the issue and help them schedule a tech to come and isolate the issue.
D. Have the customer press and hold the 'Go' and 'Job Cancel' buttons to check the secondary error code.

16.)A customer has a LaserJet 4345 MFP printer, and wants to configure the 'Send To Folder' option. He has an expired version of Digital Sending Software. How can the customer configure the 'Send To Folder' option?
A. EWS (Embedded Web Server)
B. the printer driver
C. the control panel
D. WJA (Web Jet Administrator)

17.)You have identified a number of symptoms for a printer problem. According to the recommended troubleshooting methodology guidelines, what should you do next?
A. test your solution
B. verify your solution
C. develop a solution path
D. isolate likely causes

18.)A customer informs you that their Color LaserJet printer has a message on the control panel that says “Order Magenta Cartridge”. Why is the printer indicating this message?
A. The internal clock has reached 6 months since the last cartridge change, and a new cartridge should be ordered.
B. The cartridge will run out of magenta in two weeks and should be changed.
C. The magenta cartridge is nearing the end of its useful life, but will continue to print based on historical page coverage for this printer.
D. This is a message indicating the Magenta cartridge is logging unrecoverable errors, and should be changed as soon as possible.

19.)Single-drum Color LaserJet printers use an intermediate transfer belt (ITB). In what order should you place color images on the ITB?
A. red, green, blue
B. yellow, magenta, cyan, black
C. cyan, magenta, yellow, black
D. black, magenta, yellow, cyan


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