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HP2-037 - HP Certified Professional - HP LaserJet Foundations (tests, practice exams, certification, certificate, questions ...)

20.)Which of the following are examples of print drivers? Select TWO.
A. Agency FB
B. PCL 5e
C. PCL 6c
D. PostScript

21.)You are changing the LaserJet’s IP address to a static IP via the Embedded Web Server (EWS) and lose the connection. What should you do ?
A. Configure the address manually through the Control Panel.
B. Attempt to reacquire EWS as you did originally.
C. Nothing, this is a normal occurance.
D. Reboot the LaserJet printer and try again.


22.)Which roller is utilized specifically during the fusing process?
A. pickup roller
B. pressure roller
C. transfer roller
D. registration roller

23.)What are some of the benefits of using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port? Select THREE.
A. Any USB device can connect to any USB port, replacing the need for the wide variety of serial and parallel port connections.
B. A USB port can attach to up to 127 devices simultaneously.
C. When a device is attached, the controller automatically makes necessary bandwidth resources and drivers available without user intervention.
D. USB cables can connect to serial ports, parallel ports, and USB ports.
E. USB cables have a maximum allowed length of 100 feet, as opposed to a 50-foot maximum length for serial cables.

24.)A technician can fix paper jams. Preventing them is the responsibility of the users. The technician's role in prevention is _______. Select TWO.
A. fixing the jam and leaving the site as soon as possible so as not to disturb the customer’s operations
B. bringing the cause of a jam to the customer’s attention and instructing the customer how to keep it from happening again
C. ensuring the customer understands that jams are unavoidable and to call if it happens again
D. telling the customer that noncompliance with media specification guidelines can void the warranty

25.)A customer has a Color LaserJet 9500 printer and is having a page quality defect. They want to isolate whether it's a problem with the primary transfer or the secondary transfer. How would you isolate the issue?
A. perform a half test to check the issue
B. perform disable cartridge check
C. perform stop test
D. perform sensor test

26.)What does ETB Alienation do? Select THREE.
A. causes uneven print density, it is a symptom of worn gears or improper gear mesh
B. moves the C, M and Y transfer rollers away from the drums for black & white prints
C. reduces print quality problems
D. increases the life of color supplies
E. causes uneven print density, it can be caused by excessive transfer current

27.)A jam code can locate a jam, and often identify the cause of the jams. What does the code read in the paper path?
A. flags
B. sensors
C. rollers
D. trays

28.)A customer has a LJ 9000 printer connected to a 3000 sheet Stapler/Stacker. The stapler/stacker has been serviced and the now the printer is booting up with a 49.4c02 error. What needs to be done to resolve the issue?
A. the printer firmware needs to be upgraded
B. the 3000 sheet stapler/stacker firmware needs to be upgraded
C. the stapler/stacker was left in service mode after servicing, and needs to be reset
D. the firmware DIMM needs to be replaced

29.)What is the first phase of Troubleshooting Methodology?
A. develop a solution path
B. prioritize probable causes
C. using gathered information to determine the problem cause
D. define the symptom

30.)Scanner assembly is a part of which process?
A. writing
B. developing
C. conditioning
D. transferring

31.)An error condition of 80.X is displayed in the control panel. What would cause this error condition to be displayed?
A. This is a fuser error. Power the printer off and reseat the fuser to see if this corrects the problem.
B. This is an I/O error. Check for a loose I/O cable.
C. This is a general error indicating preventative maintenance is required to maintain proper printer functionality.
D. This is a main motor failure indicating the motor or DC power supply may need to be replaced.

32.)Exhibit. A customer is reporting a wavy brush mark of magenta color in Color LaserJet 9500 printer. What is the issue?
A. there is a faulty fuser
B. the magenta drum is broken
C. there is a faulty drum connection
D. there is a faulty formatter

33.)The printing device is unable to generate any print images. What should you do to isolate the source of the error?
A. Perform a paper path test from an input tray.
B. Perform a diagnostic utility from your host system. If the formatter can not generate an image, the formatter is the source of the error.
C. Perform an Engine Test. If an image is not generated, the source of the error lies within the print engine.
D. Perform a control panel self-test, or print a Configuration Page.

34.)Which color gamut will result in white when all primary colors are combined?
D. Intensity

35.)When troubleshooting power distribution issues, which component provides power to the Fans, Motors, Laser Scanner, Formatter System and Paper Movement Components?
A. Formatter Board
C. DC Controller
D. Copy Processor Board

36.)A customer has a LaserJet 1010 printer which is working fine with a standalone Windows 2000 Professional system connected to a USB port. The customer has a requirement to print an important job from a standalone system having a Windows NT 4.0 System. The customer is unable to find the drivers for Windows NT 4.0, and notices that the Windows NT 4.0 system is unable to detect the printer. What should you advise the customer regarding the issue?
A. The USB port on the Windows NT 4.0 system is faulty.
B. The customer needs to install the drivers from the HP drivers website first, and then connect the printer.
C. Windows NT4.0 does not support USB.
D. The USB Port of the printer is not compatible with the PC USB port.

37.)Exhibit. A customer is experiencing an issue with their Color LaserJet 3700 printer. The black color is faded or missing. What are two ways you could resolve the issue? Select TWO.
A. the K-Clutch needs to be replaced
B. the toner needs to be replaced
C. the HVPS needs to be replaced
D. the ITB needs to be replaced

38.)A customer has a LaserJet 4000 printer. He wants to configure the alerts option to help him be aware of printer functionality when he is in a different location. How can this be done?
A. the alerts can be configured from Web JetAdmin, and it will trigger an email about any printer issues
B. the alerts can be configured from the Embedded Web Server, it will trigger an email about any printer issues
C. this cannot be done, errors can only be checked through the control panel
D. this cannot be done, remote monitoring of functionality is not possible

39.)What is one possible cause of consistently smeared print output?
A. paper finish too smooth or basis weight too heavy
B. paper finish too rough or basis weight too light
C. paper moisture content too low
D. paper moisture content too high



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