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HP2-061 - HP Certified Professional - HP ProLiant Server Maintenance

63.)You install a second processor in your DL380G4 but then the system does not power on self test (POST) as expected. What is the first thing you should do?
A. Boot to the RBSU and run the server diagnostics to determine the issue.
B. Remove the second processor and upgrade the system ROM to the latest version.
C. Create a ROM diskette from ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU) and flash the system ROM.
D. Put the new processor into the primary socket and flash the system ROM to the latest version.

64.)Where can you find the latest ProLiant Support Pack (PSP)? Select TWO.
A. the latest SmartStart CD
B. the latest Firmware Maintenance CD
C. from www.hp.com drivers and updates
D. the latest HP ProLiant Systems Management CD


65.)Which HP web offering provides an easy way to get the most up to date parts information without detailed instructions?
A. HP Part Surfer
B. HP SIM Homepage
C. HP Parts Exchange
D. HP Onsite Agent's Reference (OARS)

66.)While performing Step 2 of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology which task would you accomplish?
A. Identify possible solutions for each possible root cause.
B. Identify the steps necessary to implement each solution.
C. Determine which subsystem could cause what happened.
D. Determine and use the most appropriate tools for each situation.

67.)You have added memory to banks C and D of a ProLiant DL385 server with one processor. However, when booting you notice the new memory is not seen. What must be done to use the new memory?
A. The hypertransport switch must be activated to extend the bus.
B. A processor must be added to activate the 4 DIMM slots attached to it.
C. The memory must be activated in the ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU).
D. You must use the same size and type of memory used in slots A and B.

68.)What advantage does Direct Attached Storage (DAS) have over a Storage Area Network (SAN)?
A. easy deployment
B. sufficient use of resources
C. server based management model
D. easily shared resources across multiple servers



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