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HP2-061 - HP Certified Professional - HP ProLiant Server Maintenance

1.) Which statements are true regarding PCI-X technology? Select TWO.
A. In a PCI-X system the speed is determined by the fastest device.
B. Conventional PCI adapters can operate in PCI-X systems and vice versa.
C. A PCI-X adapter placed on a conventional PCI bus is not limited to conventional PCI speeds.
D. PCI-X is forward and backward compatible with PCI 2.2 systems at the system, device driver and adapter levels.

2.) What are features of HP Systems Insight Manager? Select FOUR.
A. device discovery
B. extended integration
C. fundamental integration
D. easy and rapid installation
E. secure remote management
F. web browser and command-line interface


3.) Which processor currently uses 64-bit x86-based architecture?
A. Itanium
B. Pentium IV
C. AMD Opteron
D. Pentium III Xeon

4.) What is the minimum number of drives needed in RAID ADG?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 8

5.) What are special requirements for Online Spare Memory? Select TWO.
A. The second populated bank is used as the spare memory bank.
B. Online spare memory must be configured in the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU).
C. The DIMMs in the spare bank must be the same size or larger than those in the other banks.
D. When online spare memory is present, the spare memory bank is counted during the power-on self-test (POST) and is added to the system memory count reported to the operating system.

6.) What is the maximum number of P-class Blade Server Enclosures supported by one Scalable Bus Bar?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

7.) What are properties of Advanced Data Guarding? Select TWO.
A. It is recommended for up to 14 drives.
B. It protects against a ROM failure or corruption.
C. It protects against two simultaneous drive failures.
D. It allocates two sets of parity data across the drives and allows simultaneous write operations.
E.It allocates half of the drive to data and the other half to mirrored data, providing two copies of every file.

8.) Which item is required to troubleshoot a single p-Class blade server that has been removed from its enclosure?
A. network interconnect adapter
B. diagnostic adapter and station
C. server blade management module
D. Integrated Lights-Out remote console

9.)What are the two essential building blocks of modular PDUs? Select TWO.
A. control unit
B. extension bars
C. SNMP/serial card
D. extended runtime module
E. 1U/0U mounting brackets

10.)Which key benefits does the UPS provide to a computing infrastructure? Select TWO.
A. consistent input voltage levels
B. reduction in the number of power cables
C. protection from damaging power spikes
D. protection through circuit breakers

11.)Which Remote Management offering allows graphic and text virtual console?
A. iLO 2
C. iLO Advanced
D. Lights-Out 100

12.)Which iLO capabilities are enabled with the iLO Advanced Pack? Select THREE.

A. Virtual Media
B. Virtual Power
C. Active Directory Integration
D. iLO Online Firmware Update
E. Terminal Services Pass-through
F. Virtual Graphical Remote Console
G. HP Systems Insight Manager Integration

13.)What are benefits of Serial ATA (SATA) drives? Select TWO.
A. highest reliability
B. highest capacity
C. lowest price per GB
D. highest performance
E. medium to heavy read/write operations

14.)Which HP ProLiant Server feature communicates regularly with the HP Server Health Driver to provide automatic restarting after a processor failure?
A. Embedded HP Diagnostic Utility
B. RBSU - Rom Based Server Utility
C. ASR - Automatic Server Recovery
D. HP Systems Management Homepage

15.)Which HP reference tool is available for each ProLiant product and includes information on features, standard parts and options, models, service offerings, storage capacity, component layout (high level), memory upgrade information, and specifications?
A. Quickspecs
B. Illustrated Parts Catalog
C. Setup and Installation Guide
D. ProLiant Servers Troubleshooting Guide

16.)Match the Management package with its definition

17.)Which capabilities are available in all Lights-Out products? Select TWO.
A. virtual power button
B. ROM-based Setup Utility
C. directory service integration
D. support for HP SIM integration

18.)Before installing a new processor in your HP ProLiant DL580 server, how do you update the system ROM to ensure that the processor will be supported after installation?
A. Boot the system using the latest HP ProLiant SmartStart CD.
B. Boot the system using the latest HP ProLiant Systems Management CD.
C. Boot the system to RBSU and use the latest HP ProLiant SmartStart CD.
D. Boot the system using the latest HP ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD.

19.)A customer would like to move four 73GB universal SCSI drives from their DL380 to their MSA1500. Which drive shelf must be used to support the four 73GB drives on the MSA1500?
A. MSA20
B. MSA30
C. MSA50
D. MSA500




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