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HP2-061 - HP Certified Professional - HP ProLiant Server Maintenance

20.)On a DL380 G4, what must you do to enable the graphical console in iLO?
A. Upgrade the iLO firmware to the latest revision.
B. Enter the license key for the iLO Advanced Pack.
C. Enable the option in the iLO Administration panel.
D. Make sure you are using a current version of Java server.

21.)Which HP CD/DVD set provides HP service and technical support information and includes advisories, release notes, as well as, product documentation?
A. HP Services Media Library
B. HP Part Surfer Reference Set
C. HP Maintenance and Service Guide
D. Onsite Agent's Reference Set (OARS)


22.)You are troubleshooting data corruption issues on two HP ProLiant servers connected to the same MSA1500. You suspect it is because both servers are trying to mount and use the same LUNS (logical units). In the MSA1500, which feature can you enable and use to ensure each server gets only the storage intended for it?
A. Secure Path Manager (SPM)
B. Advanced Data Guarding (ADG)
C. Selective Storage Presentation (SSP)
D. Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA )

23.)How do you migrate a four disk RAID 0+1 volume on a SmartArray controller to RAID 5?
A. Use the Windows Disk Management applet.
B. In Windows, run the Array Configuration Utility (ACU).
C. Boot the system and press F9 to access the ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU).
D. Boot the system and press F8 to access the Online ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA) utility.

24.)Your customer reports that the HP uninterruptible power supply (UPS) repeatedly makes a clicking sound. What is happening?
A. The clicking sound is a warning that the batteries are about to fail.
B. The batteries in the UPS have failed and are disconnecting themselves.
C. The UPS is regulating the power through the 'buck/double boost' feature.
D. The batteries have entered the 'intelligent charging' state and the sound will stop once the batteries have rapid charged to 90%.

25.)What is the purpose of an Extended Runtime Module (ERM)?
A. It shuts down non-critical servers to keep the UPS running longer.
B. It caps the server load at 80% to preserve power as long as possible.
C. It provides greater UPS available uptime by adding an additional battery.
D. It links to a second uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to provide additional uptime.

26.)In direct attached mode, what is the maximum number of servers that can be connected to the MSA500?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6
E. 8

27.)Why are blanking kits in an HP rack important?
A. to improve cooling
B. to improve rack stability
C. to improve appearances
D. to improve bottom-to-top airflow

28.)A customer would like to move four 146GB drives from a DL380 to an MSA1000 based SAN. Which technology enables the customer to do this quickly and without losing data?
A. DAS to SAN migration (DtS)
B. Server Migration Pack (SMP)
C. Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP)
D. Virtual Machine Management Pack (VMM)

29.)While servicing an HP ProLiant rack mounted server, you notice the rack moves noticeably when you slide a server in and out. What should be done?
A. Add a ballast kit to slow the movement.
B. Lower the leveling feet until the castors are off the floor.
C. Lock the castors to prevent the rack from rolling around.
D. Lower the leveling feet to share the load with the castors.

30.)What is the only RAID level that can sustain two simultaneous drive failures?
B. RAID 0+1

31.)On which server family is the iLO Advanced Pack enabled by default?
A. BL servers
B. CL servers
C. DL servers
D. ML servers

32.)How can you change the IP address of the iLO? Select TWO.
A. Press F9 when prompted on startup and alter the settings in the RBSU configuration utility.
B. Press F8 when prompted on system startup and alter the settings in the iLO configuration utility.
C. Access the iLO through the web interface; bring up the remote console, and change the settings there.
D. Access the iLO through the web interface; go to the Administration panel, and change the settings there
E. Press F8 when prompted on system startup and alter the settings in the ORCA configuration utility.

33.)The MSA1500 supports both MSA20 and MSA30 drive shelves at the same time in different combinations. What is a valid configuration?
A. 0 MSA 20 shelves, 8 MSA 30 shelves
B. 2 MSA 20 shelves, 4 MSA 30 shelves
C. 4 MSA 20 shelves, 4 MSA 30 shelves
D. 4 MSA 20 shelves, 2 MSA 30 shelves

34.)Which graphical user interface (GUI) utility can be used to diagnose system bottlenecks and is easily integrated with HP Systems Insight Manager?
A. HP ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP)
B. HP ProLiant Essentials Workload Management Pack (WMP)
C. HP ProLiant Essentials Performance Management Pack (PMP)
D. HP ProLiant Essentials Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack (VPM)

35.)Which HP utility is used to set cache read/write ratios for tuning performance?
A. Array Diagnostics Utility
B. Array Configuration Utility
C. HP Systems Insight Manager
D. Option ROM Configuration for Arrays

36.)What are three components of the "Execute the plan" step of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology? Select THREE.
A. Apply only one solution or change only one variable at a time.
B. Execute each step completely, as agreed on by your customer.
C. Determine and use the most appropriate tools for each situation.
D. Evaluate the information gathered from the implementation of the action plan.
E. Gather failure information such as critical error log messages from the Integrated Management Log
F. Carefully observe and record the results of each step including any error messages or changes in functionality.

37.)During which portion of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology would you carefully observe and record the results of each step including any error messages or changes in functionality?
A. Step 1 - Collect data.
B. Step 4 - Execute the action plan.
C. Step 5 - Determine if the problem is solved.
D. Step 6 - Implement preventative measures.




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