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HP2-896 - HP Certified Professional - Servicing HP Desktops, Workstations and Notebooks

1.)A unit has both a serial number and a product identification number. How many characters are in the serial number?
A. 10 or 12
B. 11 or 13
C. 12 or 14
D. 10 or 15

2.)What are HP notebook security features? Select TWO.
A. ownership tag
B. integrated alarm
C. chassis intrusion
D. security cable and lock
E. processor change alert


3.)You have connected a USB diskette drive to a notebook, but it is not recognized. What could be wrong?
A. drive needs an external power supply
B. USB is not set to 'enable legacy device'
C. drive is not manfactured by HP
D. diskette is not formatted

4.)You cannot read the Serial number label on the mobile unit. How do you access this information?
A. Bootlog
B. Administrative tools
C. BIOS Setup utility
D. My Computer

5.)A notebook MultiBay battery can be charged in _______.
A. all MultiBay configurations
B. Advanced Port Replicator MultiBay
C. external MultiBay
D. notebook internal MultiBay

6.)What is the name of the extended support option available to HP customers?
A. Help Pack
B. ROM Pack
C. Care Pack
D. Service Pack

7.)Which is a customer replaceable component in a notebook?
A. system board
B. MultiBay drive
C. TFT panel
D. graphics card

8.)Which HP product is available with integrated SCSI?
A. thin-client
B. desktop
C. workstation
D. notebook

9.)A thin client is _______.
A. a workstation with reduced client management features
B. an ultra-slim desktop with a flat screen monitor
C. an intelligent terminal with local processing capability
D. an ultra-slim desktop configured for remote manageability

10.)A system's serial number is FR11234567. What is the production date of this system?
A. 11th month of 2002
B. 12th month of 2001
C. 12th week of 2001
D. 11th week of 2002

11.)Which MultiBay devices can be used in the external USB MultiBay? Select TWO.
A. battery
B. tape drive
C. PCI card
D. hard disk

12.)A user complains about interference lines on the CRT monitor. What could be the reason? Select TWO.
A. room temperature is too high
B. bad ground connection to the computer's PSU
C. laundry below exhausts its steam past to the office window
D. monitor power supply is on the same circuit as the air conditioning
E. computer has a faulty hard drive

13.)Where do you enable DriveLock?
A. Desk Management Utility
B. Windows Control Panel
C. Security Tab in BIOS

14.)Where would you verify that a replacement SCSI boot drive is recognized by the system?
A. System BIOS
B. SCSI Controller BIOS
C. Operating System

15.)A technician is replacing an SDRAM module. The replacement memory is the same size and speed of the module being replaced. When the technician attempts to install the new memory, the module does not fit in the slot. What is the cause?
A. technician did not use the appropriate adapter
B. replacement memory is from a vendor that is not HP authorized
C. voltage for the replacement memory does not match the system
D. replacement module is ECC

16.)What replacement part can result in an "Invalid Electronic Serial Number" error?
A. hard drive
B. memory
C. system board
D. processor

17.)How can you test your ESD equipment?
A. high current meter
B. high voltage meter
C. there are no tests available
D. resistance meter

18.)On boot, the unit detects 32MB less memory than is actually installed. What do you check first?
A. memory slot disabled in BIOS
B. third-party memory installed
C. Shared Video Memory
D. OS/2 Memory Hole disabled in system BIOS

19.)A computer often crashes after several hours of use. What is the most likely reason?
A. hard drive is defective
B. processor is defective
C. airflow of the unit is hindered
D. indoor air pressure is too high



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